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Ferrari Passione Tour: Scuderia Cape Town

Passione Ferrari Tours is the best way to discover Cape Town’s most famous...

Passione Ferrari Tours is the best way to discover Cape Town’s most famous scenes along with its concealed treasures, whilst driving your Ferrari on scenic roads and sharing your passion with other friends within the Ferrari Family.

On the 15th of June 2018, Scuderia South Africa hosted an exclusive Ferrari Passione Tour which required Ferrari owners to meet at the scenic V&A Waterfront for a briefing before clients could speed off on their enthralling and exquisite adventure ahead of them.

Travelling on windy roads and routes Ferrari owners got the ability to really feel their majestic machines on such scenic and thrilling roads whilst being accompanied by other passionate Ferrari drivers in convoy to meet at the stunning Arabella Hotel and Spa as well as a pit stop in Rooi Els for a majestic photoshoot alongside scenic hills, which are draped with tarmac that flows left to right, up and down with undulations that make for a driving experience that is worthy of some of the most famous mountain passes and driving roads in the world.

Flowing through roads that pass through Hermanus, the convoy climbed and weaved with the Prancing Horses glittering pass the various towns and villages with colours of Rosso, Giallo, Bianco and Azzuro to name a few.

Arrival at Arabella Hotel and Spa – guests unwinded to the beautiful views that surrounded the area. Following a great day of driving ending with a relaxing afternoon in lounges and suites. In the evening, all in attendance were together for a delicious, coursed dinner with each plate having signature of the legendary Prancing Horse in culinary compound.

Night fall and morning rise to an appealing morning of sunshine, with the dew disappearing, the convoy fired up their V8s and V12s and hit the road to their next adventure, their next stop at La’ Pentola, returning to Hermanus.

With brunch served, the Prancing Horses had an opportunity to rest after their morning run through the mountains and along the coastline. Guests then departed on their way after an incredible journey lasting two nights and three days.

The Ferrari Passione Tour, a massive success and one to be continued across the South African region for Scuderia South Africa.

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